The smallest possible point on the ball;  

One of the concepts (or mental keys) that can really help players to shut out all the interference when they are kicking is to concentrate on the smallest possible point on the ball. 

It’s very easy to say, but not quite so easy to consistently achieve. When I am working with players I find it’s a really valuable use of time to really go through the detail. Not just the precise impact point on the ball, but was happens to the shape ball on impact. 

The ball changes shape when you drive your foot through the ball, and the easiest way to understand how to get consistent solid contact is to imagine another ball inside the one you are kicking but a third of the size in every dimension. The key is to imagine that your foot needs to drive through the smallest point on the ball and then through the smaller ball inside.  

Its worth taking the time to get the concept clearly in your mind, and you will see an improvement in your ball striking. 

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