As an Englishman, it was great to see England return to winning ways against South Africa at the weekend.

‘What a difference an England win makes’ was how Sonja McLaughlan closed the highlight show and what a difference indeed. Growing up with Dad (Dave Alred) on the England coaching staff we always knew what difference a ‘W’ made. Joyful celebration, progress towards the dream of winning the world cup, praise from the press, relief from internal pressure and job security for a few more months at least. At the weekend all this was down to a single point.

Huge congratulations to all involved especially Owen Farrell and Elliot Daly who kicked the vital points.

It is often said that sport is decided by fine margins. In rugby that usually means kicking points.

England kicked their points whilst South Africa hit the post and that settled the contest.

Given the importance of kicking at every level we are often surprised how little attention it is given to it. At the School of Kicking we want rugby, skills and strength and conditioning coaches to make goal kicking central to the programs of goal kickers. Pre-season, warm ups, weekly schedules and all load should be integrated with sufficient kicking practice for this match winning skill.

You are probably better sacrificing 10% fitness and strength for a 10% increase in accuracy of goal kicking given the benefits for the whole group.

England now look ahead to a mouthwatering contest against the All Blacks off the back of a ‘W’ which was earned with a kick. We’ll be cheering on every kick and hoping that preparation goes really well this week for all involved.

Good luck lads.

Before you go, we thought we’d give you a little preview into what is coming your way in our FREE beginners guide to kicking due to be released very soon! Watch the video below for a little insight. Coming very soon!

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