We all know how hard times are at the moment for everyone and we all could do with a little bit of fun in our lives.

So, without a match day to look forward to, what better way to pass the time and restore that competitive edge you’ve been missing – than our new #KickBottleFlip Challenge.

The premise is simple. Place a rugby ball onto a kicking cone and then finely balance a bottle of water onto the head of the ball.

Once you’ve done this, all you need to do is kick through the ball and try and land the bottle once again without the support from the ball, simple right?

It’s a perfect way to challenge your friends and family in a little game that can be accomplished regardless of skill levels and knowledge of the game, and who knows, there might even be some that surprise you!

So, get your entries in to us on our various social media platforms @SchoolofKicking with the hashtag “#KickBottleFlip and let’s have some fun and see what you’ve got!

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