Great kicking requires powerful movement as well as the ability to be precise under pressure. This requires you to be physically and mentally prepared if you are to optimise the connection between mind and body.

The mental aspect comes with great importance, it’s not uncommon to see players who can perform impeccably in training but fall apart during a game. Its all about a great mindset.

The mindset needed to begin this adventure is one of commitment and perseverance, you must be fearless and willing to enter the ugly zone. The ugly zone is entered if you must do something you have never done or go somewhere you have never been.

In the preparation stage you must prepare your body and the physical part. This is a critical part of kicking and any restrictions in the body could limit your success. In the beginners guide we explain how to prepare your body for kicking- here

A final element to prepare for kicking is your kit, this ensures you’re safe and ready to perform at your best level. Ensure all the kit you use is safe for you and the people around you. Our free beginners guide explains the steps you can take to preparing your kit.

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