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    Dave Alred Podcast on the principles of Kicking.

    By Jacob Flowers

    Our Kicking Guru Dave Alred features on this week’s episode of ‘Don’t Tell Me The Score’ with Simon Mundie.

    The podcast, which is available on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds, talks all about Dave’s principles of coaching in which he applies to his rugby kicking.

    The principles discussed on this interesting podcast and in his best-selling book the ‘pressure principles’, are applied throughout the School of Kicking. They can help a player not only improve their kicking game but also their wider life.

    “Simon Mundie talks to performance coach Dave Alred MBE about how to deal with pressure and thrive when the stakes are high. Dave, who started his career as a teacher, went on to coach Jonny Wilkinson and steer Francesco Molinari to his golf major.” (BBC)

    You can listen to the podcast here. Make sure to download our free ‘Kick Like A Pro’ Guide which takes you through many of these principles in order for you to become a better kicker.