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    Alred Trophy

    Enter Now…

    In every team there is a chosen one to whom a greater responsibility falls… The very best are able to step forward amidst chaos and become the architects of calm.

    These players are given a title. They are the kicker.

    And now, the search is on for the best under 18 kicker in the whole of Great Britain and Ireland.

    Could it be you? Sign up now here.



    Think you could be the best kicker in the whole of Great Britain and Ireland?

    Find out the details and Sign up now here.

    Alred Trophy Partners

    The Kicking Master - Dave

    Dave Alred MBE PhD is widely acknowledged as one of the best coaches operating on the planet today. He has helped athletes and businesses alike, to improve themselves far beyond their own personal expectations. His relentless drive and application towards performance and improvement has put him right at the very peak of his field.

    “The guy I was about to meet was not just a kicking coach he is by far the best in the world.I thought I was a 7/10 kicker, suddenly the scale has gone up to a 100, I am stuck on 7 and he is in the high 90’s, he doesn’t tell me what to do he tells me how to do it and then shows me, the sound, the flight, the power, it was as though he was kicking a different ball. It was already clear this is a truly special guy, and if I am serious about wanting to succeed I need to learn from him everything I possibly can.”

    – Jonny Wilkinson, one of the best rugby union players of all time, Jonny: My Autobiography

    “Jonny Wilkinson had the best coach in the world for 6 years. Dave Alred is phenomenal. He is brilliant both as a technician and as a psychologist. His sessions are always varied and he’s a great communicator. Perhaps best of all, he’s a great listener.”

    – Becoming a Lion – Jonny Sexton, 2013, Now rated one of the best in the northern Hemisphere.