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    Collection of articles, videos, and podcasts by the team at School of Kicking

    Physical Fitness Impact on Psychological Mindset

    Every sport requires a certain level of physical fitness especially as you reach the professional ranks of your sport. However the physical benefits are nothing…


    Rugby Kicking Questions – 16th July 2019

    ‘Rugby kicking questions’ was created with the idea of helping our followers own kicking journeys and offer the chance for you to ask the questions…


    How Do You Replicate Match Behaviour

    How do you replicate match behaviour? Coaches and players not just in rugby but across multiple sports ask us this question. We all want to…


    Weekly Kicking Q&A – 11th July 2019

    Our weekly kicking Q&A provides our followers the chance to get answers to the questions they need answering. Although kicking Q&A takes place on Tuesday’s…


    Pressure Practice

    Behaviour Development has far greater implications than merely as a model for training and learning. Coaching, teaching preparation and skills acquisition are all things we…


    System Jamming

    Coaches in recent years have used terms such as ‘choking’, ‘freezing’, ‘quitting’ and ‘bottling’ when it comes to failing in pressure situations. All these terms…


    Rugby Kicking’s Eureka Moment

    One key component of the School of Kicking’ framework is the idea of the ‘ugly zone’. For rugby kickers working within the  ‘ugly zone’ can…


    Weekly Kicking Q&A Round-Up – 18th July 2019

    With our Kicking Q&A we really look to reach out to our audience and find out what YOU need from us, our mission since we…


    Importance of ‘Becoming Big’ for Rugby Kickers

    Introduction: Rugby kickers who struggle with technical issue in their game often become anxious when these situations arise in a game. Anxiety can increase stress…


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