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    Kicking Guru Alred Leads Search for Next Generation

    The search to find the next generation of rugby kicking talent in Great Britain and Ireland will begin at Loughborough University on April 9 2020.…


    Benefits of training with a partner

    Having a training partner for your kicking sessions is a great way to accelerate your learning and presents a number of benefits. You can practice…


    Kicking from C to J is the only way

    We talk a lot about the J shape kick here at the School of Kicking. This is simply a kicking principle shifting from a C…


    How to box kick

    The box kick is a great high-over the shoulder kick to help relieve pressure out of tight defensive situations or place the ball behind the…


    Process vs Outcome Mindset

    Match day is the most intense pressure environment for all players and particularly for kickers. As a kicker you experience the same hurt, pain and…


    The most important part of a kick

    When it comes to kicking, it’s like learning and mastering any new skill; it requires a willingness to fully commit to practicing and improving. Outside…


    Basics you need to know about kicking a rugby ball

    If you’re just starting to focus more on your kicking game, there are a few basics you need to know about before you start kicking…


    The 5 Best Rugby World Cup Kicks of all Time

    The Rugby World Cup has given us some of the greatest moments in the history of the game, and some of the most important moments…


    Rugby Q&A // Kicking Sessions

    At the School of Kicking our aim is for you to become the best kicker you can be, no matter your age or ability. That’s…


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