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    System Jamming

    Coaches in recent years have used terms such as ‘choking’, ‘freezing’, ‘quitting’ and ‘bottling’ when it comes to failing in pressure situations. All these terms…


    Rugby Kicking’s Eureka Moment

    One key component of the School of Kicking’ framework is the idea of the ‘ugly zone’. For rugby kickers working within the  ‘ugly zone’ can…


    Weekly Kicking Q&A Round-Up – 18th July 2019

    With our Kicking Q&A we really look to reach out to our audience and find out what YOU need from us, our mission since we…


    Importance of ‘Becoming Big’ for Rugby Kickers

    Introduction: Rugby kickers who struggle with technical issue in their game often become anxious when these situations arise in a game. Anxiety can increase stress…


    Weekly Q&A – 12th June 2019

    After a fantastic workshop at Bishop Wordsworth’s and a break from this series this week we were back answering questions on Instagram. If you are…


    How to Deal with Performance Anxiety

    Introduction: It is generally accepted that anxiety produces tension in the body and can create a variety of emotional distractions that can put off a…


    The Pressure Principle

    Dave Alred is widely considered one of the best kicking coaches in the history of rugby, his work with players such as Johnny Wilkinson and…


    How Teaching a Skill Can Improve You as a Player

    George Ford embraces pressure and has played in some of the highest-pressure situations in rugby.  So why is George Ford, one of England’s most decorated kickers, involved…


    Why you shouldn’t always listen to ex-players

    At the School of Kicking we have huge respect and admiration for all former players, especially kickers. Between us we have played in nearly every…


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