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    The most important part of a kick

    When it comes to kicking, it’s like learning and mastering any new skill; it requires a willingness to fully commit to practicing and improving. Outside…


    Basics you need to know about kicking a rugby ball

    If you’re just starting to focus more on your kicking game, there are a few basics you need to know about before you start kicking…


    The 5 Best Rugby World Cup Kicks of all Time

    The Rugby World Cup has given us some of the greatest moments in the history of the game, and some of the most important moments…


    Rugby Q&A // Kicking Sessions

    At the School of Kicking our aim is for you to become the best kicker you can be, no matter your age or ability. That’s…


    How Exercise is a Holistic Activity

    Exercise is truly a holistic activity, meaning it impacts your physical, mental strength and social conditions at the same time. Healthier people, who have lower…


    Taking Command Using Body Language and Posture

    80th minute field goal, 10 foot putt to win a tournament, last penalty in a shootout, what do all these moments have in common. Pressure.…


    Question & Answer Recap – 23/07/2019

    Our Question & Answer (Q&A) Tuesday’s are an opportunity to ask your burning questions as you continue your own development, no matter the age, no…


    Physical Fitness Impact on Psychological Mindset

    Every sport requires a certain level of physical fitness especially as you reach the professional ranks of your sport. However the physical benefits are nothing…


    Rugby Kicking Questions – 16th July 2019

    ‘Rugby kicking questions’ was created with the idea of helping our followers own kicking journeys and offer the chance for you to ask the questions…


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