Can She Kick It?

Can She Kick It?

Ladies rugby is developing very quickly at the current time; with the recent success of the England Ladies team in the Six Nations the women’s game has never been as exciting to watch. School of Kicking have had the privilege of beginning to help girls from grass roots to international level develop their kicking game.

It has been well documented that this is an area of huge potential development for the girls. Here are four reasons we are excited to be helping with this:

  1. A Hunger to Learn

The approach to learning that we have found among the girls is superb. It may be because a large majority of girls have not got any previous experience of kicking. However, the appetite to learn and the application of instruction is brilliant which creates a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

  • An Efficient Technique

Because we teach a very efficient way of kicking the girls are finding they are able to kick the ball further than they thought possible. We are all about kicking with body weight transfer, rather than leg swing, which is transformative for everyone but has a spectacular impact on the girls as they are able to recruit significantly more power.

  • A Dramatic Impact on Games

As kicking is still underdeveloped in the women’s game, the team with two or three good kickers have a significant advantage. I was watching a women’s game the other day and one team simply could not get out of their own half as the opposition scored and then scored again. Without a kicking game you really suffer!

  • An Example of Empowerment

It is particularly rewarding as a coach to help people achieve what they have been told (by themselves or others) they cannot do. Removing barriers, taking risks, pushing boundaries, redefining the impossible all feels like pertinent language in helping to develop the women’s game. We love to see the players turn the ‘I can’t kick’, into ‘I smashed it!’

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