Weekly Kicking Q&A Round-Up - 18th July 2019

With our Kicking Q&A we really look to reach out to our audience and find out what YOU need from us, our mission since we started this company has been to educate, inform and generally improve the overall quality of kickers around the world. Our Q&A takes place every Tuesday on our Instagram, however, throughout the week if you have any questions just message us as we help you to #KickItWhenItCounts. Q. I haven't kicked in a while due to going gym more often, any tips to get back into it? A. Like going to the gym try & plan your kicking session before you head out. If you're in the gym more often make sure you warm up properly before you start your kicking session, this will help prevent you pulling any muscles. With stretches we always recommend focusing more on dynamic stretches with some key static stretches thrown in. Q. What are some good games that develop punting on the move? A. You can play multi direction kick pass; this game is played with small sided teams on a half/full pitch. You get a point for a successful kick to someone on your team. This drill is also great as you can add rules in such as; kicks have to go a certain distance, no pressure on the kicker, no contact on the catcher, two points for kicking with a weaker foot and turnover is ball is intercepted or ball down. Q. Tips for kicking to touch? A. Aim to hit a target off the pitch, this will give you a focus, be sure that the target allows the ball to travel over the touch line at a distance you can manage. Q. What's the best way to improve kicking off your weaker foot? A. Practice.... When doing a punting or drop kick session look to mirror what you do off your stronger foot every session. Keep a real focus on technique, it will feel awkward (ugly) to start however look to push through. Our eBook has kicking tips from both feet so might be useful. Q. How come Owen Farrell doesn't have any follow through when he strikes the ball? A. Owen Farrell is an exceptional kicker, he's got great posture and although it's not noticeable his body weight still shifts way past the middle of the ball. Q. I've just got the new Gilbert pro 320 tee, any tips since I just got it? A. Just get out there and start kicking, make sure your posture's good and your travelling to target. Q. Perfect technique for a drop goal? A. The drop kick uses the same technique as goal kicking. Make sure the ball drop is good (ball is upright), work on good posture and travel to the target. Q. Make a video on the best and easiest way to kick? A. We have filming days booked in for later this summer, we'll have loads of new content coming out. Q. Best way to come back from a broken leg/ankle? A. Work hard on your rehab, once you're fit check with a physio and slowly build up your kicking session time. If it becomes painful or sore stop and re-visit your physio. Q. Should props kick if they are able? A. Of course, at a young age we feel that younger players should be encouraged to give it a go. There are lots of forwards who are good kickers, we have no doubt that with the right coaching they could be excellent and kick at the highest level. Q. What's the easiest way to add distance in your place kicks? A. Kick with body weight not just your legs. You get more power kicking with weight moving towards the target than by just swinging the leg quicker. Work on becoming a J-Shape kicker. Q. Why do you think the number of players executing spirals in games is decreasing? A. Two reasons; 1) with quality balls you can kick the ball with a normal drop punt. 2) players don't have the patience to put the time in to learn how to do them properly. We're working hard to bring back the spiral kick, it is such a good kick to have in your armoury. Q. Tips for kicking under pressure? A. Plan your training to create match pressure situations. This will help put you under as much pressure as possible and help you del better with the situations when they occur in games. Q. How many kicks should I aim to do each session? A. We feel you're better to kick little and often instead of long, drawn out sessions. These sessions often lead to fatigue and bad habits can kick in. Try to plan your session and stick to it. Part of your session you should look at improving technique (repair), some repetition and with some pressure (training) and some kicks under pressure (match). You would probably be looking around 40-60 minutes. Q. Tips for kicking for the corner in open play? A. Keep your head up to identify the space and line you want the ball to follow. Position yourself to allow enough time and then fully commit to the kick. Q. Any suggestions on how to reduce charge down when box kicking from the floor? A. Firstly work on positioning your players in a way they can block the charge down attempt, this will be the best way to buy some time. Look to work on hand speed (picking the ball up) and feet (getting into position) as this will help get the kick off quicker. To download our FREE kicking eBook Click HERE.
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