Weekly Q&A - 30th April 2019

Weekly Q&A - 30th April 2019

Another week, some more great questions for us to answer. If you have any questions which you want answered please feel free to ask us across any social media account or in our Weekly Q&A which is every Tuesday.

Q. Thoughts about coming to South Africa for a workshop?

A. For any workshop all we need is a venue & enough interest to make it work. Feel free to message us with any leads.

Q. Best place to buy some Adidas predators?

A. Awesome pair of boots, we highly recommend them for kicking at any level, just head to Adidas shop and have a look around.

Q. How close should your plant foot be to the ball when kicking off a tee?

A. Hard to kick if you're focusing on where to land your plant foot, work on good posture and following along to the target and you're plant foot will be fine.

Q. Thoughts on low tees on awful pitches, I struggle to see the sweet spot through the grass?

A. Not a problem, we have encountered this problem before in our own kicking. Try and flatten the grass as much as possible pre-kick and sit the tee on top.

Q. What is better for consistent accuracy, high or low tees?

A. Although we recommend a lower tee, accuracy comes from NOT stopping on the ball or rotating around your plant foot (C Shape) and more from getting your weight through the ball in the direction of the kick (J Shape).

Q. How can I be more consistent on my landing foot?

A. Repetitions of the J Shape principle of kicking will help promote a consistent foot placement.

Q. Do you do sessions with Dave Alred?

A. Stu and Yappy run the workshops. Dave has many commitments around the world, so any spare time he has is spent mentoring the two and helping develop our online classroom which is coming soon!!

Q. What does the 'ugly zone' mean?

A. The ugly zone is the place where you try and fail, try again and fail - and continue trying and failing. It's the area just beyond your present ability.

Q. What age is best to start kicking drills?

A. Start kicking a ball around at any age. 8 years old and below we recommend a sponge or very light ball, after that make sure the ball is the right size for the age of the player (size 3/4/5) and that the ball is not too hard.

Q. Any tips for drop kicking?

A. Focus on good posture and stay balanced, have a controlled drop of the ball to be sure it lands on the point.

Q. Any good warm ups for kicking?

A. Try to keep your warm up dynamic as this activates muscles, improves your range of motion, improve awareness and enhances muscular performance and power.

Q. What drills are good to get someone in to the ugly zone?

A. Depends on the level of the player, anything that takes players out of their comfort zone. The ugly zone is about the intention not the execution.

Q. Any drills to help when doing kicking practice alone?

A. Kicking into a net is a good chance to work on technique so you can concentrate on the process not the outcome.

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