Weekly Q&A 8th May 2019

Weekly Q&A 8th May 2019

We are having such an amazing time with the Q&A's from everyone, so many great questions from people all looking to #KickItWhenItCounts. If you have any questions you want answering our Q&A takes place every Tuesday so don't be afraid to ask any questions you have.

Q. When kicking into a strong wind should anything be changed in the kick setup?

A. Kicking directly into a strong wind try and keep everything the same, take aim at your target and commit to getting your body weight through the ball.

Q. What is your favourite match ball to kick with?

A. It would be a close call between the Adidas torpedo x-treme and the Gilbert match XV.

Q. How often should you practice kicking?

A. Little and as often as possible, if you aim for reps of no more than 5 before changing kick or ball position to create more 1st shot opportunities.

Q. Warming Up tips for Legs as they get sore after a while?

A. Keep your warm up for kicking dynamic as much as possible, dynamic stretching improves your range of motion, it activates your muscles you will use during kicking, improves body awareness and warming up in motion enhances muscular performance.

Q. Low Tee compared to High Tee, which do you prefer?

A. We prefer low tees as we feel; you get full use of your lever, recruit more quad muscles and less groin and create sweeter connection of the ball however that is our own opinion.

Q. How do I stop falling away to the left of my kicks from a tee?

A. (Right Footed) Concentrate on keeping your left shoulder high and forward. You can also put 2 cones/markers down for you to run through after the kick. This will help keep your weight moving forward & hopefully stop you falling out to the left.

Q. How often do you practice with your weak foot?

A. If you're doing a punting/drop shunt session try and incorporate your weak foot in to the session as much as possible. It will feel tough to start and might be ugly but try and stick it out.

Q. Which position is the best to place the ball?

A. We like the bll a little more upright, you can then hit slightly higher up the ball which allows for a sweeter strike.

Q. Where is the best area of the ball to connect with?

A. We would say if the ball is in an upright position halfway between the middle of the ball and the bottom and just inside of the seam (so long as you have the seams facing forward).

Q. How do create power when you kick?

A. The key is to use your biggest muscle to get the power, there for working on a J shape swing which also gets your body weight through the ball.

Q. How essential is kicking in the U12-16 game?

A. If you can get kids to understand where and why to kick it can create lots of opportunity's to create pressure on the opposition and to score plus more opportunities to run. So we feel the sooner you can get kids to understand the why/where/when the better.

Q. Do you suggest running into your kick to get momentum or taking large fast steps?

A. We would suggest small, short steps and not running into the ball too quickly- this allows you to stay balanced, controlled an fluid through the ball.

Q. How many steps do you think is the right amount to take back and across?

A. What ever YOU feel comfortable doing, just try to give yourself space and look to come into the ball from 45 degrees.

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