Dave Alred


We’re excited to share with you our unique Dave Alred Coaching System incorporating the tools that helped some of rugby’s biggest names to become the best in the world!

The Five Elements

There are five elements which when blended together create a great learning experience for kickers. In our training programmes we will outline the fundamental theories behind our unique Dave Alred Coaching System (DACS) and then lead you through a practical learning experience.

Stage One: Principles

Whilst kickers tend to have different styles, the great kickers all have something in common; they achieve power through the ball towards the target. This is therefore about leveraging the laws of physics and human movement.

The ‘Principles’ stage help you to understand the optimal biomechanics required to powerfully and accurately kick a leather ball in time and space.

Think about the physics and your movement


Stage Two: Preparation

Great kicking requires powerful movement as well as the ability to be precise under pressure. This requires you to be physically and mentally prepared if you are to optimise the connection between mind and body.

This is a critical component in the kicking process as any restriction in physical ability to create the right body shapes will limit your success. Not only will power output be reduced but accuracy will also falter and the risk of injury will increase.

The mental aspect comes with equal importance. It’s not uncommon to see players who can perform impeccably on the training ground but fall apart come game time. This fragility is not what we desire, physical and psychological robustness it the objective if you are to unlock your potential. The exciting prospect is however that this is all easily achievable using our unique, tried and tested approach.

It’s not uncommon to see players who can perform impeccably on the training ground but fall apart come game time.


Stage Three: Practical

We are going to provide you with simple and very effective ‘how to’s’ including hand placement, ball position, body movement and leg swing to help you kick well. These are the foundations of great kicking and give you a focus during both training and matches.

Hand placement, ball position and body movement are all vital.


Stage Four: Practices

Following the introduction of new skills we will show you ways to establish your new skill as a robust and repeatable movement pattern so that it can be performed reliably under a range of circumstances. This is done through simple, fun but challenging practices for you to work on.

Practice. Practice. Practice. It can’t be underestimated how important it is.


Stage Five: Pressure

In our kicking training guides you will find an explanation as to how these tools help you to kick it when it counts. Everything we do is designed to encourage habits that enable you to perform when you need it the most.

Look like you’re in control, and you probably will be.





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