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    Alred Trophy 2019/20

    Loughborough University, Epinal Way, Loughborough, UK


    The search is on! Could you be the best kicker in the whole of Great Britain and Ireland?

    Sign up to take part in the Alred Trophy to find out.

    Please Note: Entrants must have been under 18 on 1st September 2019 in order to enter the Alred Trophy.

    **Due to Corona Virus the original date of 9th April 2020 has had to be postponed. This has been delayed now until Oct 2020 date to be released ASAP.  If you are interested in joining us email us at and we will update you when possible**

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    In every team there is a chosen one to whom a greater responsibility falls… The very best are able to step forward amidst chaos and become the architects of calm.

    These players are given a title. They are the kicker.

    And now, the search is on for the best under 18 kicker in the whole of Great Britain and Ireland. Could it be you? Could you be the next Wilkinson, Steyn, Halfpenny or Carter?

    The Alred Trophy takes place SUMMER 2020 at Loughborough University where 30 contestants (male and female) skills will be put to the test across six kicking disciplines designed to mimic the conditions under pressure and applied to kickers during a match.

    The six kicking disciplines you’ll be tested on:

    Hang Time

    • Up and under
    • 5 x kicks
    • Longest time in the air
    • Time added for dropped balls

    Target Restarts

    • Dropkick restarts 
    • Target area
    • 5 x restarts
    • Points for landing in target

    Top Bins

    • Crossfield kicks
    • 5 x kicks
    • Points per kick

    Longest Drive

    • 5 x kicks from kicking tee
    • 10m channel
    • Average distance of 5 kicks
    • Longest drive

    Both Feet

    • 5 x kicks each foot
    • 10m channel
    • Longest combined length
    • Average right
    • Average left
    • Average combined

    Alred Trophy Red Zone

    • 7 kicks in the red zone
    • Ultimate sudden death – miss and you are out
    • Whoever goes the longest is the winner

    Are you the inaugural winner of the Alred Trophy 2020? Enter now and show us you can kick when it counts.

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