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Good rugby kicking is the difference between victory and defeat. At the School of Kicking we give you the opportunity to learn principles from the ‘best in the game’.

Kicking the ball in rugby represents one third of this amazing sport. Most plays begin with a kick therefore determining where play starts. Many kicked points are decisive either directly or indirectly for winning. Generally rugby kicking is under resourced both technically and as a strategy and therefore is an area to gain an advantage. For some players, their kicking game will determine their selection and career prospects.

Whilst it is possible to improve as a rugby kicker by increasing practice time or taking tips from others, our approach begins with establishing the correct biomechanical principles. By creating these foundations at the outset you build a strong base from which you can layer the other necessary components required to maximise your potential as a kicker. Once these foundations are in place it is time to explore the next stage of the process; effective practice.

Each element we share is essential in developing high level skills that are robust under pressure and fatigue. We are confident that this process will support you to becoming a better kicker and kicking when it counts.




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