Social Media Q&A

Social Media Q&A

We at the School of Kicking are keen to help out as many people as possible with improving the techniques involved in rugby kicking. For the next few weeks we will be holding a Q&A across our social media channels and these are some of the questions which we were asked this week.

Q. What resources are out there for kicking coaches to use to keep their coaching fresh and varied?

A. We tend to like to innovate and create new practises for each player or team session for the specific learning aims. This stems from our framework & mentoring from Dave Alred. Perspective coaching other kicking coaches is something we may do in due course but not just yet.

Q. How can I improve the distance of my goal kicking please?

A. We would say power comes first from body weight transfer then second leg swing. If you download our free guide this will help you practice a good movement pattern as foundation for goal kicking. Our goal kicking lesson will be out soon!

Q. What could help me develop consistency in my kicking technique? It changes a lot

A. Be aware that practice makes permanent. So you'll need good input, like consistent ball placement, good posture, getting body weight to follow along to your target & lots of reps. Look up C to J shape in our e-book.

Q. What benefit do low tee's offer that high telescopic tees don't?

A. At SoK we work with & do add value to players who kick off a high tee, but we feel that a slightly lower strike point enable: 1) Full Use of Lever 2) Recruitment of more quad & less groin 3) Connection with a sweeter part of the ball.

Q. How do I ensure that I consistently retain that J shape while kicking?

A. A good way is to put some cones down 1m apart beyond the point of impact to promote following along & not dropping out to the side (C Shape) Getting someone to video your kicks is also a great way to help you understand your movements when kicking.

Q. Any 1-on-1 Sessions Available?

A. For information about our 1 on 1's Workshops and group sessions at click here

Q. How do help someone find the 'ideal' kicking tee?

A. It's a case of what of what ever feels comfortable, although we would recommend any low Gilbert tees.

Q. What's your opinion on the middle of your plant foot being next to the middle of the ball.

A. Not sure it's something to worry about especially if you're a J shape kicker. It's hard to concentrate on the kick if you're concerned about your plant foot. If you follow along you'll naturally plant in the right place.

Q. What material is there to train my team in the skills of kicking?

A. Download our free e-book, hopefully that will help.

Q. Will you do a workshop in Cambridge?

A. We had a few questions around workshop venues, if you have a venue you would like us to come to whether in England or in another country we are always keen to here from you, send your recommendations to us on social media or at

Q. How high should your leg come on a follow through? Mine is very low but I still get power?

A. Low is good, it's a sign all your power is traveling towards the ball.

Q. What are the best pre-training movements for kicking practice?

A. Running Drop Shunt is a great warm up for goal kicking - start off at 50% & then build up

Q. Do you change your kicking technique if it's a longer kick?

A. Not really, keep your technique the same - aim to strike the ball sweeter not harder.

Q. How can I get the extra distance on my punt without losing the accuracy?

A. Check your posture is good when you're kicking, so stay tall, this creates longer levers then try & make sure you're kicking with your body weight following along to target.

Q. What are the best stretches for pre-kicking sessions?

A. Keep your stretches dynamic, start slow and gradually build the tempo.

Q. When is the School of Kicking tee coming out?

A. We are working on this at the moment so hopefully it won't be long.

Q. Where is School of Kicking based?

A. We are based down in Exeter

Q. What are some of the best kicking boots out there in your opinion?

A. We would strongly recommend any boots from Adidas

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