Weekly Q&A - 09/04/2019

Weekly Q&A - 09/04/2019

After the success of last weeks Q&A we have decide to make this a series of blogs recapping some of the questions which you wanted to know. If you want to ask the School of Kicking guys a question follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram for details.

Q. When I have my lesson in June should I bring my tee?

A. Yes please for all workshops we ask people to bring their own tees, we will supply balls etc. so just bring a tee and your boots and your good to go.

Q. Do you have any videos covering box kicking?

A. Our box kicking coaching video isn't available just yet, but we can cover it in a 1 on 1 session.

Q. How do I book a session?

A. If you go to the School of Kicking website you will find all the information you need to book a session on there.

Q. How do you get hold of your high quality balls?

A. Just go online and you should be able to find some easy enough. It's definitely worth spending a little more though when buying rugby balls to practice kicking, match balls are a lot easier to kick with than cheaper training balls.

Q. Why do you prefer a shorter follow through? What advantage do you see from this?

A. We prefer 'follow along with body weight'. This ensures power comes from the pillar. If you watch slow motion any of our mature kickers they usually still get to around 90 degrees with their leg swing. For us the sequence and priority is body, then leg.

Q. How much will future eBooks cost?

A. This has not been confirmed just yet, we have a lot of exciting things happening soon so watch this space.

Q. Who do you think is the best Kicker in the world?

A. Jonny Sexton, the reigning World Player of the Year can't be far off.

Q. What's the best way to position the ball on the tee?

A. We like to have it slightly more upright to allow a higher contact on the ball which in turn helps t create a bigger sweet spot to hit so you get more out of the ball.

Q. What is the perfect run up to a kick at goal?

A. One that creates momentum towards the target and allows you to recruit your hips on impact.

Q. Do you think a lower tee allows for a straighter ball flight?

A. A lower tee allows longer levers but if you can get weight through the ball following along to the target 'J-Shape' that would be the best way to create a straighter kick.

Q. What drills could help me to stop bringing my leg round and hooking my kicks?

A. Work on your 'J-Shape', try putting some markers down for you to travel through after your kick, if you're right footed and still hooking slightly left try keeping your left shoulder high and forward on impact.

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