Question & Answer Recap - 23/07/2019

Our Question & Answer (Q&A) Tuesday's are an opportunity to ask your burning questions as you continue your own development, no matter the age, no matter the ability we all have the opportunity to learn and take new things in to our game. In this blog we will look at the questions we got and provide you with the answers your looking for. Follow us on Instagram to know when our next Q&A is taking place. Q. Tips for Pre-Season? A. During pre season try to work on your repair (the process of the kick). We find kicking in to a net is a great way of doing this as it avoids outcome. If you can try & avoid kicking at posts for a few weeks, instead once you've worked on your repair try kicking down a 5m channel. Your aim with this is to get the ball to land in the channel, it's a great practice task and very challenging. Q. Can a cheaper ball affect ball flight/height/distance? A. Yes most definitely, like most things you get what you pay for, if you're going to spend time working to kick it's worth paying a little more for a decent ball. Q. How to not change your routine/run up every time something goes wrong? A. You need to add consistency to your approach. If you're right footed start your run up with your chest parallel to the back left parallel, that will give you the best angle to come in at. With any element of kicking try and give it some time rather than keep changing. Q. How to do a Crossfield with a low trajectory? A. Work on a slightly lower ball drop with you foot and get your body weight travelling to the target. A good practice is to try and kick the ball from the 22m in front. the aim is for the ball can go under the cross bar but over the try line. If you find this easy try it from the 15m line on the 22m. If this is still to easy try putting more pressure on you and put a mate in the goalkeeper position. Q. I'm on holiday with only a beach rugby ball. Anything I can do to stay in the swing of things? A. Have a break from it and relax. Make the most of your holiday, this will make sure you are refreshed and healthy for when you get back to training. Q. Tips to get more distance on kicks from hand and off tee? A. Work on kicking with your body weight travelling to the target. Kicking with your leg & body weight, travelling through the ball towards the target is much more powerful than kicking with just leg. Q. How to get a better connection with the ball for a conversion? A. Maybe try having the ball a little more upright so you're hitting through a sweeter part of the ball. Q. Do you think the Dan Carter super tees are any good? A. The low ones are really good. However, we believe that our kicking tees when released will be as good if not better than Dan Carter's. Q. How much money would it be to come to a one on one? A. All the information regarding our one to one & workshops can be found on Q. In a lesson do you let people use adjustable tees or must you use a low one? A. We are always happy to kick with what the player feels most comfortable with, whether that be from a tee or even from the floor. Q. Best stretches for a kicking session warm up? A. Try and keep your warm ups dynamic rather than spending lots of time on static stretching. Q. How do you transition from a high tee to a low tee? A. Just put the ball on a lower tee, you should have the ball a little more upright so you can strike higher through a sweeter/fatter part of the ball. Then concentrate on staying big and getting your weight through the ball. Q. Why do you prefer low tees? Are you more consistent than with higher alternatives? A. We find that lower tees enable a lower strike. You get full use of your lever, recruitment of more quad muscle than groin, you are able to connect better with the sweet part of the ball and your less likely to lose balance during the kick. Higher tees can leave some players with poor foundations and as such limit their full potential in kicking. I hope you guys enjoyed our Question & Answer recap, if you have any questions that you want answering you can send these to us anytime or wait till our next Question & Answer session. To Read our Other Blogs CLICK HERE To Download our FREE Kicking eBook CLICK HERE
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