Rugby Kicking Questions - 16th July 2019

'Rugby kicking questions' was created with the idea of helping our followers own kicking journeys and offer the chance for you to ask the questions to help with your development. We have been so impressed with the questions we get through this, a lot of great technical questions everyone can take forward to improve. If you have a question you want answering by us our kicking Q&A runs most Tuesdays on our Instagram page. Q. Any chance you guys could come down to Cleve in Bristol? A. Of course, we run a multitude of sessions depending on what works best for your club/team. We can run 1 on 1 sessions, small groups and workshops. If you want us to come to your club DM us if you would like to book something in with us. Q. How should you prepare for a match deciding kick? A. The same way you do in training, you should be creating those pressure match moments in your training session. This will help you deal with the pressure of the big kicks when they come around. Learn to trust your process. CLICK HERE to read our blog on 'Pressure Practice'. Q. Some tips to have a good run-up? A. Work on small steps during your approach, this will help keep you more balanced and more fluid through the ball. One tip for right-footed kickers is to start parallel to the back left panel of the ball, this will help with your positioning. Q. How to fix kicking the ball too hard and losing control fast? A. If this is happening it sounds as if you're sacrificing technique for power. Try and stay really fluid and balanced throughout the kick. Make sure you are focusing on kicking the ball sweeter, not harder. Q. 80th minute, need a penalty to win a test match. Who do you want as your kicker? A. There are some amazing kickers past and present who could handle that pressure situation. However, you can't go wrong with Jonny Wilkinson. Q. Do you think that the spiral kick is underestimated and should be taught more often? A. Yes definitely underestimated. Keep an eye open for our Spiral Kick video we will be filming later this summer. CLICK HERE to see other School of Kicking YouTube videos. Q. Any tips that you can offer for punting? A. We have loads of stuff available to help improve your punting technique. Check out our eBook, CLICK HERE to download your free copy. Q. When kicking from a low tee, what's the best way to not end up hitting the tee? A. Stay nice and tall when you kick, make sure your posture is good, if you hunch it will create a lower swing and this will force you to hit low on the ball. Another key point is to concentrate on the part of the ball you are looking to strike. Q. Is it better to stand the ball upright or tilted on the tee? A. We prefer to have the ball a little more upright so you can strike the sweeter part of the ball (higher up). Q. Any professionals you would recommend on how they kick ahead of the World Cup? A. Again there are so many great kickers at this years World Cup, technically however there are 2 that stand out for us: Johnny Sexton and Owen Farrell. Q. What part of the foot should you connect with the ball? A. You should be aiming to be making contact around 2 inches up from the knuckle of your big toe, this will be the best for power and control. For previous Rugby Kicking Questions CLICK HERE to look at previous blogs.
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