4 Unique Features of School of Kicking

1) Research based

Our coaching framework and principles have been tested in the lab! A biomechanical, functional and physiological investigation into two types of kicking of a ball was completed at the Centre of Scientific and Cultural Research in Sport, School of Human and Life Sciences at Roehampton University as part of MSc Sports Medicine by J. E. Hawkes. The way we coach has proved to give more power, more accuracy and less muscle strain.

2) League Tested

Between us as coaches we have played in the top three tiers of English rugby as well as in university sport. We appreciate and can utilize the opportunities and pressures of being full time professionals as well as understanding the demands and limits of lower league rugby. This experience gives us understanding which enables us to collaborate and help players at different levels.

3) World Class Mentoring

We are the only two coaches in the world who are mentored by Dave Alred. His name is well known in rugby and some of his theory has become common language. We are unique in as much as we share latest learning, ideas, planning and development as coaches. We are more than former pupils, we are developing coaches.

4) It’s A Family Thing

Yes Dave is Stu’s Dad! Also, Stu and Yappy also have their own kids at various ages and stages. We understand how kids tick and enjoy designing sessions to engage players at any age. Our sessions are fun, challenging and varied. We look forward to working with players throughout their journey of development. One of the most regular comments we get is ‘I wish I’d met you guys when I was younger!’

If you want to start your journey with us make sure you sign up for a workshop or enquire for a one to one session.

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